Volkscycle Mark V

The Volkscycle Mark V bicycles were produced and marketted during the seventies 'bike boom' that took place in the United States. Despite the name similarity with a German car manufacturer the bikes were produced in Japan. The common models were Mark V, Mark X, Mark XV, and Mark XX in ascending order of price.

Shown in the image below is a Mark V that was given a second chance after years of sitting unused. It is not highly sought after model but with the addition of newer shifters and a little TLC it is fully functional bicycle. Components that are probably original:

  • Shimano Tourney brake calipers
  • Shimano brake levers with integrated safety (turkey) levers
  • Shimano 333 ratchet shifters on the stem
  • Maillard CXC pedals Steel cottered crank
  • Steel cottered crank

Components that are newer:

  • Shimano derailleurs from 80's mountain bike
  • Front wheel from 80's or 90's Bianchi road bike
  • Saddle of unknown origin

This frameset may have been a lightweight in name but certainly not in number:

Volkcycle Mark V (22.5") frame weight: 6.75 lbs
Volkcycle Mark V Fork weight: 898 grams

This particular Mark V was repainted and returned to service after years of disuse. The Craigslist copy read:

Volkscycle Mark V in well used condition. Mostly original. Ready to ride. Seat tube is 22.5 inches center to center. The wheels and tires do not match. It shifts like a 70's bike boom ten speed. Which is to say it shifts poorly compared to modern shifting systems. There is some rust. The repaint is clearly not done by a professional.