Latest technical articles

The Editor purchased this wheelset second hand. He spent a couple summers riding (not racing) on them in the mountains. At the end of that time a number or cracks in the rear rim were discovered. The full story follows.

There are a number of pedal systems on the market. This is a quick summary of the features that each system provides along with a subjective assessment of each. This is an incomplete list that ignores the less common systems.

This page documents the steps taken to replace the 'G' springs and 'G' spring carrier in a right side Centaur 10 speed shifter. The parts and process are identical for many other Campagnolo Ergo shifters.

Stack height is distance from center of pedal spindle to bottom surface of shoe. Some measured by us, some measured by others.

The design of Shimano freehub style rear hubs make them popular for non racing applications. Here's why we like them.

Bicycle wheelbuilding is half science and half art. The best wheelbuilders can start with hubs, lightweight rims, just a few ultralight spokes and create a strong and reliable wheelset.

Shimano has been thinking outside the box for quite a while when it comes to dreaming up new ways to create wheelsets.