Images and a short description about a variety of models.

Although it was marketted in 1993 as a touring bike, this Cannondale T700 is probably more accurately classified as an 'all-arounder'. It has many of the touring goodies like rack mounts, fender stay eyelets, chain hanger, pump peg, cantilever style brake bosses, and attachments for three water bottle cages.

Miyata 610 touring bike from 1985.

Without much information The Editor purchased this frameset from an online auction service.

In the late 70's Takara bicycles were known for being exceptional values. The model 732 did not employ top of the line tubing in its frame yet it still featured quality components.

The 'Professional' was Bottecchia's finest model in the early seventies and included Campagnolo components and Columbus tubing.

The Volkscycle Mark V bicycles were produced and marketted during the seventies 'bike boom' that took place in the United States. Despite the name similarity with a German car manufacturer the bikes were produced in Japan.