Shimano rear derailleur compatibility

This sortable chart contains a number of Shimano road rear derailleurs. When mixing and matching components one of the important factors to take into account is what size cogs the derailleur can precisely shift over and also if the derailleur has the ability to take up all the slack created by the chain on the various combinations of front and rear sprockets. These numbers are sourced from Shimano's technical documents. Experimentation has shown that some of these numbers can be exceeded in certain setups.

Model numbersort descendingspeedsdouble or triplemaximum total capacitymax low cogmin low cog (when specified)min top cogmax top cog (when specified)chainring tooth difference
BrandModelWheel sizeSize in mmMeasured Bead to Bead distance in mm
MichelinJet 2700c3090
MichelinLithion 2700c2570
PanaracerPasela (non tourgard) 700c 28 72
PanaracerPasela (non tourgard) 700c 32 83
RD 4600 GS10triple39301122
RD 4600 SS10double34301116
RD 4601 GS10double373227111216
RD 4601 GS10triple40301122
RD 4601 SS10double34301116
RD 5501 GS9triple37271122
RD 5501 SS9double29271114
RD 5600 GS10triple37271122
RD 5600 SS10double29271116
RD 5700 GS10triple39301122
RD 5700 SS10double34301116
RD 5701 GS10double373227111216
RD 5701 GS10triple403025111422
RD 5701 SS10double343025111416
RD 5800 GS11double373228111216
RD 5800 SS11double332823111216
RD 6500 SS9double29281114
RD 6501 GS9triple37271122
RD 6600 GS10triple37271122
RD 6600 SS10double29271114
RD 6700 GS10triple39281122
RD 6700 SS10double33281116
RD 6700A GS10triple403023111422
RD 6700A SS10double343023111516
RD 6800 GS11double373228111216
RD 6800 SS11double332823111216
RD 6870 Di211double33271116
RD 6870 Di211double33281216
RD 7700 SS9double26261114
RD 7800 GS10triple37271122
RD 7800 SS10double29271114
RD 7900 SS10double33281116
RD 7970 Di210double32271116
RD 9000 SS11double332823111216
RD 9070 Di211double33281116