About CycleCycle.info

Since launching cyclecycle.info just a few months ago we've been busy pushing content onto the site. We think this will continue for another few months. About the time Google and other search engine referred traffic starts to pick up we'll give the site a proper facelift. Until then you can expect more content to be added under this same no-nonsense presentation format.

We've added a contact us page in case someone needs to contact the cyclecycle.info team.

In the near future we're hoping to offer free Craigslist style ads for bicycles and bicycle parts. We won't be competing with Craigslist or Ebay. But we figure there is a niche of sellers that have unique bicycles or bicycle parts that needs a free avenue of advertising to target a broader market than the local Craigslist region without the overhead of the Ebay service.

Thanks for taking a look.

The Editor, March 17, 2014.



The Editor of this site spends too much time attempting to learn about cycling. This site is a shared scratchpad where his thoughts are jotted down before they are lost. The concept for the site was brewing for over a year. During this time many domain names were conceived and abandoned. As the Editor realized his failure he asked his family for guidance. His eight year old child said 'cycle cycle' as if there were no other candidates on the list. At which point there weren't. Godspeed to all who cycle.

January 9, 2014